Trees are very important in our lives. The students of our school’s Malihai (Environment) Club are very aware of this. But so many others unfortunately take our environment for granted and seem to assume that trees just dropped from heaven and are here to stay! Until recently, that is, when the heavy rains dropping from the same heaven felled a beautiful tree that had provided welcome shade outside our boys’ dormitory. Thanks to the powers of nature, that vague theory of trees coming from nowhere was brought crashing down like the fallen tree. So when the Malihai Club came up with the idea of replacing old trees around the school property, a good number of our students were positive about the whole exercise.

And so the first day of May 2014 took on a new dimension. It was not only set aside as a ‘Bonanza’ Day (or Fun Day) to mark Labour Day, but the Malihai Club saw to it that the opportunity was created for staff and students to plant as many trees as we could to replace the ones that had provided tons and tons of firewood for our stoves and also those trees that we have cut down to make way for construction.Pulling weeds

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