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It was Pope Francis who said that, “mercy and forgiveness must not remain beautiful words, but must be realised in daily life.” In keeping with the theme, The Year of Mercy, CBC St John’s Cape Town, has committed itself to acting out acts of mercy to those in our society who have been marginalised and forgotten.

We began our Year of Mercy with the campaign #SAINTSWHOCARE. Through this campaign we invited our students to carry out random acts of kindness and we challenged them to do so by donating bottled water for those in our country who are suffering as a result of the devastating drought that South Africa is facing at the moment. This campaign lasted 10 days, and in those 10 days we asked our students to see just how much of a difference that they could make.

The next campaign that we plan to invite our students to join, is a video campaign dedicated to Social Justice. This will be done in order to create awareness about the many injustices that exist in our society and how we as CBC students can challenge those injustices. Human Rights are basic, fundamental rights that we all have, purely because we are humans. But there are so many in our world who are deemed less than human and therefore their human rights are not upheld or respected. The campaign #30RIGHTSIN30DAYS is designed to inform our students not only of their basic human rights but how they can uphold the human rights of others.

A social injustice that is evident in today’s society is the abuse of women and children, the #REDLIPCAMPAIGN is designed to create awareness about this problem as well as how to recognise the symptoms of abuse in others. We will invite all the female students in our school to wear red lipstick to school as a show of solidarity with those in our society who have experienced abuse. The Month of the Child is a campaign designed to inform students about the rights that children have and ways in which to uphold these rights for all children in our country who have had their voices silenced and their rights ignored.

July 18 marks Nelson Mandela Day, it is on this day that we are all encouraged to do 67 minutes of service in order to celebrate the 67 years Nelson Mandela fought for freedom, democracy and equality. On this day we will be encouraging all our students to uphold the legacy of Nelson Mandela and complete 67 minutes of community service.

 August marks Eco-Justice Month and it is during this month that we will be looking at how we can uphold the rights of the environment and how we can teach our students to protect as well as conserve the environment for future generations. CBC St John’s will be dedicated to generating awareness with regards to the effects of human trafficking and how we can, not only prevent the trade from claiming more lives but how we as a school can use our voices to stand up for those who as a result of the human trafficking trade, have been silenced. We end our school year with the campaign Operation Christmas in which we will collect presents and necessities for those in our society who are less privileged than us and who do not experience the joy of Christmas during this time.

 It was Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice who said,” Were we to know the merit and value of only going from one street to another to serve a neighbour for the love of God, we should prize it more than silver and gold.”

  • Chanelle Fernandes and Taydren van Vuren (ERI Youth Ambassadors)


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