The Centro Hermano Manolo (CeHM) in Cochabamba, Bolivia supports working children and adolescents (‘trabajadores’) in la Cancha marketplace.

On Friday 23rd May, three groups, including the Centre Hermano Manolo, organized a protest over children being over-charged on public transport.

The idea came about during a meeting of “Yanapanacuna”, a network of NGOs working in the area of prevention for child workers, of which CeHM is a member.  The children complained about the abuse and unfair treatment by drivers in public transport – not giving them change, overcharging and not stopping to pick them up.

““We are working children, working to survive and eat and these drivers want to charge us a full Boliviano!”

‘Por el derecho de los niños y adolescentes a un trato digno en medios transportes’ – for the right of children and adolescents to dignified treatment on public transport.Street protesting

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