Who did you connect with?

Connected with schools across Ireland and Northern Ireland in the nationwide campaign.

Connected with Cormac McArt in Belfast who travelled to our school with his exhibition on homelessness.

Connecting with those on the ground in India as we begin to plan our Immersion project which we will now do in partnership with CBS Carlow.

Connected with schools in England at the European EREBB conferences.


Schools nationwide joined us in our campaign to eradicate homelessness. There was huge awareness raising events held beginning in our school and spreading out across Ireland. The campaign grew and many of the Edmund Rice schools across Ireland became involved and a petition was signed by thousands across the schools. This will be brought to the Irish Government in the coming months.

We also connected with another CBS school (Carlow) at the EREBB conference and we are currently planning a joint immersion to India.

We have also connected with Tom Murray and hope to launch the Edmund Rice ambassadors program in our school.

Benefits for those involved

The new connections have been hugely beneficial to all in the school. The sense of being part of a dynamic, forward thinking and justice based organisation is very evident.

The possibility of linking globally with others in the network is very exciting and the power that can be harnessed being part of EREBB could be seen through the homelessness campaign.

 Working together can truly make a real difference. We can advocate for justice as one voice and be very effective. This really brings enthusiasm to the whole school.


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