Palma 2


In addition to building dozens of homes on Tijuana, Mexico, Palma School has “immersed” in Peru for four years – each trip of students and faculty/staff/parents enjoying a graduated experience of solidarity with those on the margins and in care for creation. Palma School has opened the door for immersion groups to spend the night in Jicamarca where Palma builds and provides a group meal for a neighborhood. Palma School befriended Edwin and family who live sustainably in the jungle outside of Aguas Calientes.  He provides the group an education on environmental justice.  Palma implemented service in Ollantaytambo.  Palma climbs above Machu Picchu to Wayna Picchu. Palma School has been blessed with a uniquely powerful immersion experience in Peru.



It is difficult to find language broad and deep enough to capture the transformation witnessed in the participants.  One Palma Chieftain said during a group reflection: “I came here a boy, and I feel like I’m returning a man.”  It is the PRESENCE of Christ in the children, women, and campesinos.

It is the COMPASSION of the Brothers’ Fey y Alegria School providing dignity and opportunity at every turn.  It is the LIBERATION of the land experienced by students fasting from phones and computer screens–newly alive in the Andes.

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