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The connection involves staff and students of two schools – St Edmund’s Secondary School, Mazabuka, Zambia and St  Joseph’s Christian Brothers School, Nenagh, Ireland.

Teachers and students exchange notes and photos through emails and through the social media platform WhatsApp. Sometimes communication is done through mobile phone calls.

The groups share their experiences on educational matters, culture, religious matters, and important events such as general elections, national days, and sports.

Visits and immersions have also been undertaken. Members of staff have exchanged visits while students from Ireland have visited Zambia.


Each school community has come to understand the educational and cultural aspects of the other and to appreciate and respect other people’s way of life – which is important in fostering Global Peace and Unity.

St Joseph’s Christian Brothers School also mobilised financial resources to rehabilitate the school library at St. Edmund’s Secondary School – while the former have enjoyed excellent hospitality by staff and students of St Edmund’s Secondary School during their visits to the school.

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