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“…Let us kneel before the Lord who made us” (Psalm 95: 6).

As Catholics we pay respect and reverence to God by kneeling before him. In turn, when we kneel before others we practice humility and recognize that God lives within them.

Inspired by the Christian Brothers’ missions in Peru where local boys work to contribute money to their families by shining shoes, the Bergen Catholic SHIELD program led the community in a day of service. The members of SHIELD paid reverence to God by living the Blessed Edmund Rice Essential Element of celebrating the value and dignity of each individual as they humbly kneeled before their peers and served them by cleaning their shoes.

The Bergen Catholic community stood in solidarity with those marginalized by poverty and injustice when they humbly asked to serve others. “…whatever you [do] for one of the least brothers of mine, you [do] for me” (Matthew 25: 40).

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