A very special and beautiful day dawned at St John’s High School in Chandigarh (northern India) and was made brighter and more radiant with the smiles of some really special guests.

St John’s played host to, and held a free Fete for, 300 marginalised children from different schools and institutions that have been adopted under the school’s Outreach Program and are our extended family.

The children from the Government Rehabilitation Institute for Intellectually Disabled (GRIID),The Institute for the Visually Impaired, The Institute for the Hearing Impaired, and kids from the slums, were our esteemed guests.

It was a day where the staff and students of the school reached out with open hearts and arms to these special guests and no effort was spared to make them feel more than special and an important part of our family. We succeeded in what we had set out to do because one could see faces with beautiful smiles and twinkling eyes all around!



Our community program was given another dimension when St John’s students in partnership with its Alumni SJOBA, decided to usher in the Christmas cheer in a unique way! Everyone was encouraged to bring in a simple fistful of uncooked rice. 

So overwhelming was the response that almost a 1000 kg of rice was collected!

This was then gifted to an organisation that prepares and provides food for the attendants of the patients at two of the biggest hospitals of Chandigarh.

The school once again stood true to its belief: “in giving we receive”.



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