Why Project Carrick?

Carrick on Suir is a small Irish town close to Waterford in Ireland. It was in Carrick in 1805 that Edmund Rice established his second community. Carrick symbolises the core Christian call to mission; to leave this world a better place for all those who follow us. Our world more than ever is in need of disciples of love, reconciliation and justice. Edmund could well have been satisfied with the original Mt Sion school and community. Instead he reached out to the poor on the streets of Carrick just as he had done on the quays of Waterford. The Carrick bridge is used in the project’s logo to signify the link between our two Edmund Rice regions.


Who can apply?

  • Edmund Rice Campers
  • Those who have been involved in Social Justice issues and other programs in school
  • Edmund Rice Plus – Alumni
  • Those who have shown potential for leadership in the ER Network and beyond


  1. Build a global sense of Edmund Rice Movement
  2. Provide Social Justice and Spirituality experiences to deepen a sense of mission in ER youth
  3. Enhance ER mission and ministry in both England, Australia and New Zealand
  4. Share gifts and talents of passionate young English young adults with similar youth in Australia and New Zealand


  • From December 28th, 2019 (approx.) to mid-March 2020, arrive into Sydney in time for New Year’s celebrations
  • Conclude with New Zealand Edmund Rice Student Leaders’ Conference – March 16 – 19, 2020.
  • Possibility to extend stay to Papua New Guinea or other projects


  • Hosted in Oceania by Edmund Rice Ministries Oceania (ERMO) – Executive Office Br Damien Price cfc. Hosted in England by Ann Nichols – Edmund Rice Trust.
  • Accommodation: normally in ER Camp homestays but also some Brothers’ communities and possibly an ER Boarding school.
  • Pre-brief in England before missioning. Pre-brief in Australia upon arrival. De-brief in Oceania before missioning home and de-brief upon arrival back in England. The importance of deliberate planning to how best use this experience and its effects back home.
  • ERMO will provide small weekly ‘allowance’ during the Internship. This will provide some spending money during the time in Oceania. Approx. $75 AUD each week.
  • The proposal being that a variety of experiences be identified in differing geographical areas around Oceania: then the participants ‘discern’ which experiences they would value engaging in and then the final schedule is worked out from there.
  • There will be elements of tourism and social events.
  • The option may be open for participants upon conclusion of the Internship to remain in Oceania for some time – a working holiday etc.

Experience from current interns


Joe Lynam

“Project Carrick has been an incredibly fulfilling experience so far. Edmund Rice Camps in Tasmania showed that there are like-minded people on the other side of the world trying to make a difference. The leadership conference with the house captains from erea schools captivated the cultural divisions and the need to recognise the importance of aboriginal and torres Strait Island people. I’m currently in Brisbane, working at Gregory Terrace in the campus ministry team. The school has put social justice programmes at the forefront, and working on some of them has inspired me to try and implement some of their ideas into the network back in England and Ireland. Finally, I would just like to say that the brothers have taken care of me so well and finally meeting Damien Price and hearing the amazing words spoke about him was amazing. I am looking forward to the next 2 months in Oceania  and hopefully I will be able to continue learning and working in Edmund Rice ministries.” Joe Lynam


Joe Lynam with members of Edmund Rice Camps in Australia



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