Refugee action Boys

Students from Year 7 in St Laurence’s College, Brisbane, recently responded to the current global refugee crisis.

Through a variety of curriculum areas including Maths, English, Religion and Geography students learnt about the root cause of the issue, what it means to be a refugee and our responsibility as global citizens. They were exposed to concepts and statistics relating to refugees while also having guest speakers from MDA, an organisation in our community who welcome and work with refugees in our local area. Inspired by their learning the students wanted to put their knowledge and faith in to action.

The Year 7 students engaged in leadership roles as they spoke to their peers at school assemblies and created a series of posters to highlight the causes behind the refugee crisis and change common misconceptions in our community. The students encouraged their peers in Year 7 to donate food and hygiene items which they then created into welcome packs which were passed on to recently settled refugees in the Brisbane area.

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