On Founder’s Day, students of St John’s High School Chandigarh ‘raised their hands’ to show solidarity with members of their surrounding community who face difficult challenges every day.

Class 6 supported people who are speech and hearing impaired which is also the Community Service program of the class. Students are actively involved in a partnership with the Institute for the Deaf and Dumb. It is a two way learning process wherein students give speech and hearing impaired children opportunities to be part of school events like the Founder’s Day Fete, annual House Shows and other celebrations. Our children are also learning sign language from these children from the Institute to widen their horizon of knowledge and acceptance.

Class 7 supported women who are deprived of quality health care and medical facilities during pregnancy and childbirth. Approaching Mother’s Day was a great opportunity to salute the women of strength around the globe and at the same time create awareness about much needed health facilities for expectant mothers.

Class 8 raised their hands in solidarity with the children who are less privileged. Class 8 picked up this theme in relation to their Community Service program. Our students work with children at a local Government school providing them with the use of our computer and science labs. An English Reading and Writing program is also conducted for these children.

All members of the school were involved in this activity. The staff, all teachers, their friends and families clicked pictures of these ‘hands’ and displayed them on their social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat etc.  A massive display board pinned with paper hands was put on display for parents and grandparents during the Class Shows.

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