250 volunteers – adults, children, and adolescents – 90 of them from Third Year at Montevideo’s Colegio Stella Maris – took part in the Canelones Corn Hob Day. The result was the harvesting of two hectares of maize. Around 140 000 corn hobs were collec­ted and with this it was possible to prepare 35 000 meals. These meals were distributed in a va­riety of centres including prisons and very poor neighbourhoods. The experience taught all, especially the youngest, the need for solidarity. As a symbolic form of payment for the harvest, various businesses offered money to be given to institutes in need. Both the businesses and the social organizations belong to the community of Stella Maris students. In this way, students, teachers, parents, and businesses are involved in a work of solidarity.

The project was held within the framework of the Workshop Encounters which are held in the school with all the students from 12 to 16 years of age. These encounters, together with their group re­flections, help to develop in us effec­tive and responsible participation in the society in which we live.

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