14 March 2017

Partnering for a Better World

Do you want to connect globally with other schools and build solidarity?

The EREBB Partnering for a Better World Initiative provides an opportunity for schools globally to partner with one another to learn from, with and about each other, while striving together to build a better world for all.

Across the world, in over 20 countries, many schools are interested in partnering to enhance the educational outcomes of their students and increase the professional collaboration of their staff. By using a variety of different educational tools, schools are able to link with one or more Edmund Rice schools and explore areas of mutual interest and benefit.

Your EREBB Partnership can either have an educator focus, a student focus or both – depending on the needs and interests of your school. 

The EREBB Partnering for a Better World Initiative has two strands: Global Voices Project or Educators Together Project.

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