Edmund Rice England Annual Conference

On 6 and 7 October at the Hayes Conference Centre in Derbyshire the Annual English Schools’ Conference took place. All schools from England were represented and participated in a beautiful opening reflection by Brian Garrone, Director of Communication and Global Engagement & Executive Officer of EREBB.

Participants of the conference also included Brother Brian Bond of ERI and Paul Turner of the Ministry of Eco Education who both invited the participants to attend the urgent need to address sustainability in a focused, prioritized way in each school. Kavita Das, Principal of St John’s College in Chandigarh joined by Zoom to explain how their Teacher-Foster Carer scheme works and how this helps to support a large number of marginalized families and for their children to be educated at the College. Jonathan Webster, Principal at St Mary’s Prep and how the staff their have committed to become a deaf-friendly community in response to one family’s request to educate their son at this school.

In groups, each school shared how they have reimagined practices, become more resilient and are recovering after the COVID pandemic. The delegates were left with a sense of networking that invites them to act.

Originally posted on Edmund Rice England website.