About Us

EREBB is an International network of Catholic schools educating young people from many different faiths and cultures.

We are inspired by the teachings of Jesus, Gospel values and the spirit of Edmund Rice. In over 20 countries we endeavor to promote global solidarity and offer a transformational education for justice and liberation.

EREBB was inaugurated in May 2014 when leaders representing Edmund Rice Education gathered in Nairobi, Kenya to establish an inclusive international network of Edmund Rice educational communities.

Our Leadership Forum

Brian Garrone
Edmund Rice Education Australia

Gerry Bennett
Edmund Rice Schools Trust, Ireland

Sharon Van Vuren
St Johns CBC, Cape Town, South Africa

Dr Cristiana Ritchie-Bonomo

Office of Educational Services, North America

Maureen Kiers
Edmund Rice Schools, North America

Dr Liam Smith

Edmund Rice Education Australia

Br Simon Coelho
Christian Brothers, Indian Province

Br Albert Gomez
Christian Brothers, African Province

Alberto Olivero
Cardinal Newman College, Argentina

Dermot Connors
Veritas College, Springs, South Africa

Br Mike De Klerk
Christian Brothers, African Province


Dr Wayne Tinsey 


Ray Paxton – EREBB Strategy