& Priorities

Inspired by the teachings of Jesus, Gospel values and the spirit of Edmund Rice, we commit ourselves in global solidarity to transformational education for justice and liberation.

Shared Commitment

In this spirit of global solidarity, we are committed to:

  1. Supporting each other in developing an Identity that reflects our shared ethos and Catholic Character while recognising our diversity.
  2. Working in partnership throughout the world to support quality and transformational education
  3. Being educational communities that are immersed in each other’s realities, striving to make justice, peace and human rights a global reality.
  4. Using available technologies to connect, gather and journey together.
  5. Providing opportunities for formation that nurtures a Gospel spirituality and challenges us to embrace a church of, with and for the poor.
  6. Forming leaders capable of inspiring communities to undertake this global vision.

Our Priorities and Actions

EREBB has identified six priority action areas:

  1. Developing Our Identity
  2. Transformational Education
  3. One Voice for Justice
  4. Effective Communication
  5. Formation for Mission
  6. Inspiring Leadership