Student Global Engagement

We are committed to:

Providing opportunities for students from across the world to learn with, form and about each other, while collaborating on educating for a better world for all.

Priorities and Actions

EREBB Global Classroom Partners
The EREBB Global Classroom Partners’ Program links classrooms from Edmund Rice schools, to learn from, with and about each other, while exploring some of the world’s most pressing issues. Groups of students (with their teacher) undertake two lessons and have two video conferences with a global classroom partner. These connections are facilitated to ensure deep dialogue can occur and are based around the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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EREBB Young Leaders
An online engagement where young school leaders can meet and dialogue with other young leaders around the world, focused on mutual support and a commitment to justice and peace.

Student Partnerships and Immersions
Various schools around the world link with each other and offer the opportunity for students to visit and learn from, with and about each other’s cultures, spiritualities and ways they are engaged in building a better world for all.