Ignatius Park College wishes everyone a Holy and Happy Easter

Ignatius Park College bears witness to the dedication and hard work of the Christian Brothers, who, in the spirit of their founder, have lived and worked in the College community for 100 years. While Ignatius Park College opened on its current site in 1969, it continued the proud traditions of Our Lady’s Mount, the first of a number of schools opened by the Christian Brothers in the Townsville region.

Ignatius Park College continues educating boys in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. The school has prepared Easter message videos for other Edmund Rice Schools in other parts of the world. In each video, there is a final message for each EREBB school.

Easter message for CBC Mt. Sion School community in Ireland

Easter message for Christian Brothers College, Fremantle, Australia

Easter message for Palma School community in California, USA

Easter message for Parade College, Melbourne, Australia

Easter message for St. Ambrose College community

Easter message for St. Brendans, Yeppoon

Easter message for St. Dominics College

Easter message for St. Edmunds School

Easter message for St. Kevins School community

Easter message for Cardinal Newman College, Argentina