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Canadian Indigenous educators volunteer to teach short K-8 lessons

Indigenous educators are volunteering their time to help educate students online as schools in many provinces and territories are closing in efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19.

“I wanted to offer these online Facebook, social media classes for parents who are at home with their kids, just so they can connect with their learning,” said Chris Scribe.

Scribe has been a teacher since 2005 and is the director of the University of Saskatchewan’s Indian Teacher Education Program (ITEP). He is also the director and founder of Think Indigenous, a conference that brings together Indigenous educators from across western Canada.

On Tuesday, Scribe and other educators took turns going “live” on their Facebook pages, offering lessons geared toward different grade levels. One of the goals of the online classrooms is to hopefully take children away from their cellphones and Playstations during the school closures, according to Scribe.

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