EREBB Webinar # 4: Sport During COVID-19

EREBB Webinar # 4: Sport During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a major disruption on young people’s participation with sport. It has not only impacted their physical development, but also the many positive interactions that come with engagement in sport. This is also happening on the global level with the postponement of events like the Olympics.

Join John Eales to explore this impact on sport and some of the “big questions” going forward, especially for those working with students in schools. John has been involved with sport at both the local and global level and is a passionate advocate for young peoples’ participation.

The webinar will also give you the opportunity to hear from young people and share with colleagues from across the world.


Tuesday 23 June 202


10:30am GMT (1hour 15 mins)

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The EREBB COVID-19 Webinar Series connects teachers around the world and enables professional sharing and insights during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Child safety: Children and young people can only join if accompanied by a parent or guardian

John Eales being invited into Maori Culture in his documentary: The Haka (2017)