Setting up Work from Home – A Wellbeing Approach

Setting up Work from Home – A Wellbeing Approach

COVID-19 – A Story for These Times… I heard a story recently told by Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for The Soul, where he is using an analogy to explain how life unfolds. He says it is similar to going on a journey and you are not quite sure of the final destination and how exactly you will get there, but as you drive your car headlights allow you to see just about enough of the road in front of you to stay the course.

The impact of this pandemic may feel more like each of us is driving with one headlight broken or no headlights at all, with barely a torch to allow us to see the way forward.

In these new and challenging times, trying to get a handle on what we can control and what we have to let go of is really difficult. There is no precedence to this current situation. We may be feeling that we are overwhelmed by the current situation, or fearful, anxious. We may find it difficult to concentrate at times with new overwhelming announcements on the news and from the government being made daily.

I just wanted to share some ideas and thoughts on how we can focus more on what we can control, how our relationship with work may have changed and also on what may have stayed the same. In addition, I wanted to simply share ideas to support our wellbeing at this time.

Source: The Hive of Wellbeing (Scotland)