Professional Connection Webinars


Over the next few months, EREBB will host a variety of webinars every two weeks around particular themes, to bring educators togethers. The webinars will be presented by diverse school leaders, educational experts and people involved in responding during the pandemic.


  • The current state of our educational world: What’s happening in each country?
  • A Spirituality during COVID-19: Sustaining hope and spirit
  • WhatsApp, Radio, Online Learning: Using different platforms for learning
  • Educating vulnerable young people during the pandemic
  • Teacher and staff wellbeing: Caring for the carers
  • Quality government responses to schooling: Sharing best practice across borders
  • Educating children under 10: Possibilities in responding creatively
  • What “big questions” are being raised by the pandemic and how do we respond educationally?
  • Other themes as they emerge……

Expression of Interest

If you would like to be involved express your interest here