St. Mary’s College, Crosby former pupils working in the NHS

We are incredibly proud of the many former St. Mary’s College, Crosby pupils who are now working in the NHS doing an amazing job trying to keep us all safe and well during these challenging times.

Special mention to Niamh, Lawrence, Bethan, Grace, Katherine and Neha, who have all qualified as Doctors this year: no formal graduation ceremonies for them but aren’t these ‘home graduation’ shots brilliant?

Congratulations and good luck as you embark on your medical careers at this crucial time. Please join in the #ClapForOurCarers to say thank you to all NHS staff and other key workers, especially our past and present St. Mary’s parents and pupils. You are all heroes and we thank and applaud you all!

Any other former pupils now working in the NHS, please send us a photograph of yourself so we can give you a shout out!

#Proud #ThankYou #ThankYouNHS 💙 #Heroes 🏥 #StayHomeSaveLives #FidemVitaFateri #LiveLoveLearn